8WG Contacts

8 Wing contact details:


Parades at Bldg 124, RAAF Base Darwin (just beside the front gate), Tue nights, 1830 - 2130.
Officer Commanding (OC):
Wing Commander(AAFC) Andrew Shearman OAM
email: oc.8wg@aafc.org.au
Executive Officer (XO):
Squadron Leader (AAFC) Heath Fulton
email: xo.8wg@aafc.org.au
Staff Officer Ground Training (SOGT):
Warrant Officer (AAFC) Duncan Middlemass
email: heath.fulton@aafc.org.au

801 Squadron - RAAF Darwin

801 Squadron (801SQN) parades at RAAF Darwin on Monday nights from 1800 - 2130.
The Commanding Officer (CO) of 801SQN is SQNLDR(AAFC) Heath Fulton.
email: co.801sqn@aafc.org.au

802 Squadron - Palmerston

802 Squadron (802SQN) parades at the Palmerston Senior College, Palmerston.
Parade times are 1800 -2130, Monday nights.
Commanding Officer:
FLTLT(AAFC) John Smellin

803 Squadron - Tindal

803 Squadron (803SQN) parades at RAAF Base Tindal on Wednesday nights from 1800 - 2100.
Commanding Officer:
FLGOFF(AAFC) Leigh Ruxton

804 Squadron - Alice Springs

804 Squadron (804SQN) parades at the NORFORCE depot, George Street, Alice Springs on Monday nights from 1800 - 2130.
Commanding Officer:
PLTOFF(AAFC) Chris Beaver